These articles are not just another lists of opinion based content. These articles help you to understand a process or learn a method to implement in real life.

Business & Management

  1. A Career Cold Start Algorithm

  2. Amazon’s New Customer

  3. Authority & Merit

  4. Can A ‘Doubt Button’ On WhatsApp Curb Fake News Menace?

  5. Dane Rose: I was at Amzn in 2000 when the internet bubble popped.

  6. Decoding Bytedance’s strategy to tap India’s music app market

  7. Hard Questions: How Is Facebook’s Fact-Checking Program Working?

  8. Honing Crazy Eights with randomness

  9. How Practo is ruining your health

  10. IKEA Becomes First Retailer To Let Customers Pay Using Time

  11. India2, English Tax and Building for the Next Billion Users

  12. Indian Fintech – Still A Cub But Roaring Like A Tiger!

  13. Instagram vs. Tik Tok: App Battle

  14. Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Coronavirus by Facebook

  15. Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

  16. OYO's model I

  17. OYO's model II

  18. Quibi Is What Happens When Hollywood Overvalues Content And Undervalues Community

  19. Swiggy's model

  20. The Anti-Facebook: 12 Years in, Facebook Cofounder Dustin Moskovitz's Slow-burn second act Asana finally has its moment

  21. The Founder’s Guide to Actually Understanding Users

  22. The Implications of Hitting the Hard 0% Interest Rate Floor

  23. The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup’s metrics – 80 slide deck included!

  24. The very best company culture decks on the web

  25. Truecaller’s Growth Machine: Reaching 300M Users

  26. What is vesting?

  27. What we learned onboarding 2 million home and apartment owners on

  28. Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?

  29. Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”

  30. WTF- A short comic strip analysis

  31. Zuckerberg Explains Why TikTok Has Become Bigger Than Instagram In India

Data Analytics

  1. A Quantitative Approach to Product Market Fit

  2. A/B Test Statistical Significance Calculator [Free Excel]

  3. How to pair data with intuition

  4. Research Questions Are Not Interview Questions

  5. The critical metrics for each stage of your SaaS business (Guest post by Lars Lofgren of KISSmetrics)

  6. The human factor — why data is not enough to understand the world

  7. Why every team member should know the key product metrics

Design & UX

  1. 10 Principles for Color Usage in UI Design

  2. 8 rules for perfect mobile design

  3. 8 Simple Typography Tips For Your Designs

  4. A breakdown of UX research types


  6. A List Apart: The Psychology of Design

  7. Contactless delivery by Zomato during CoVID-19 Pandemic

  8. Heuristics (hyoo·ri·stuhks) evaluation in UX

  9. How do you know a product is well-designed?

  10. How does a Fake Door Testing help a design process?

  11. How to Combine Fonts, How Not To, and the Best Font Combinations

  12. How to get started with user story mapping

  13. How to redesign, step by step guide

  14. How to use game design to improve your product & other lessons from Yu-Kai-Chou

  15. In Defense of Eye Candy

  16. Maybe Social Media Isn’t Making Teens Depressed, After All. And Here’s What Likely Is.


  18. Replacing The User Story With The Job Story

  19. Role of colour in UI

  20. Some advice to product designers looking to implement the Hook Model by Nir Eyal [YouTube talk]

  21. The time for Environment-Centered Design has come

  22. The woman who will decide what emoji we get to use

  23. What is Design Thinking and How to Use It — Design Council’s Framework

  24. WhatsApp fake news detection system (UX approach)

  25. [LEGO] Why I designed “Everyone is Awesome” by Matthew Ashton

Growth & Productivity

  1. Deciding to Make a Decision: Why ambiguity is the worst thing in product management

  2. Decision Quality. Decision Velocity.

  3. Examining Casteism 2: A look at the causes and potential solutions to India’s new form of discrimination

  4. How to develop your talent stack

  5. How to Make Smart Decisions Without Getting Lucky

  6. How do you practice Brainstorming?

  7. Oblique Strategies for Brainstorming (Wikipedia Page)

  8. Productivity (without a good memory)

  9. The Silent Meeting Manifesto v1: Making meeting suck a little less

  10. The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail

  11. To Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You See


  1. 8 brands with the best social media campaigns of 2019

  2. 29 Psychological Tricks and Tactics used to make people Buy more

  3. Ads Don't Work That Way

  4. How Memes Help And Hurt Brands: Maximizing The Upside And Minimizing The Downside

  5. How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2021 (7 New Strategies)

  6. Meme Marketing – The Future of Social Media Marketing?

  7. The ultimate guide to SaaS pricing models, strategies & psychological hacks

  8. Where Will the Next Big Wave of Internet Users Come From?

Product Management

  1. 6 User Onboarding Flow Examples (with Critiques)

  2. 8 Sources for PMs to get ideas from

  3. 9 best frameworks for #productmanagement

  4. 12 Things about Product-Market Fit

  5. 42 Rules to Lead by from the Man Who Defined Google's Product Strategy

  6. 7 Tips for Product Managers to Optimise Their First 30 days at a New Job

  7. A Guide to Assembling a Product Roadmap

  8. A no-nonsense guide on performing the basic duties of a Product Manager

  9. A product manager’s bookshelf

  10. B2B SaaS Onboarding: The Definitive Guide

  11. Best product management metrics wrong answers only

  12. Blackblot - Product Management Expertise™

  13. Built to last: An ex-product leader at Robinhood, LinkedIn, and Twitter on the only stickiness metric that matters

  14. CEO guide to Product

  15. Crossing the Canyon: Product Manager to Product Leader

  16. Curiosity: A product manager’s superpower

  17. Developing a Product Mindset: A story of how we built's next-gen eCommerce experience

  18. Finding Product Culture Fit

  19. First principle approach in building startups and products

  20. Google’s Approach: How to Grow to 100 Million Users

  21. Great PMs don’t spend their time on solutions

  22. How can I, as a Product Manager, contribute to Open Source?

  23. How do you stay up-to-date with tech news from a product thinking standpoint?

  24. How I validated whether people will use (and pay) for my product - *before* building it

  25. How long did it take you to feel good at being a PM? (This comment thread is interesting)

  26. How Story Telling Taught Me My First Product Management Skill?

  27. How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

  28. How to get the most value of customer discovery insights (with a Notion template)

  29. How to measure if users love your product using cohorts and revisit rates

  30. How to Write a Painless Product Requirements Document

  31. India1, Avocado Startups & Product-Market Fit

  32. Informed PM

  33. In product management and In general one powerful weapon in your kitty is the ability to organise ideas and features in a logical structure

  34. Lenny Rachitsky's recommendation to follow in the first 30-60-90 days of starting a new job as a PM

  35. Making Good Decisions as a Product Manager

  36. Making loveable products at scale

  37. Picture of Dorian Grey the user: Create and Calculate

  38. Positioning: Creating an image of your product in your target customer’s mind

  39. Problem Solving as a Product Manager

  40. Product Management Approaches: Top Down, Bottom Up or Both?

  41. Product Management Mental Models for Everyone

  42. Product Management Skills Series— Part 1: The underrated skills

  43. Product Manager expectations by level

  44. So You Just Became a Product Manager…

  45. The Alternative to Roadmaps

  46. The Art of the Lazy Product Manager

  47. The Future of Product Management in the 2020s

  48. Time Management Tips For Product Managers: How to Prioritize Your Work

  49. Validating your product hypothesis with a fake door test

  50. What Buddhism Taught Me About Product Management

  51. What should a Senior Product Manager do?

  52. What’s Your Shape? A Product Manager’s Guide to Growing Yourself and Your Team

  53. What to Do in Your First 30 Days: Tips for how product managers should approach their first month


  1. 20 psychological principles applied to product design

  2. Applying Psychology to Design Websites and Apps with Examples

  3. Behavioral Psychology: What It Is and How to Use It

  4. If you Run a Small Business Park In the Back of the Parking Lot

  5. Making Your Product A Habit: The Hook Framework

  6. The Science of How Customers Buy Anything


  8. Your Life is Driven by Network Effects


  1. #NoCode on Twitter

  2. “It Won’t Be Pretty”: How the Next Decade’s Technological Tsunami Will Change Life as We Know It

  3. A change in iOS 13 can put an end to Calm’s 1B valuation (and make App Store better)

  4. Browser-2020

  5. Designing AI products

  6. How to make an impact with your software product [Impact Mapping Questions]

  7. Introduction to AA Trees

  8. Just Walk Out by Amazon

  9. Kubernetes for product managers

  10. McLaren Stanley on Uber app upgrade

  11. MuZero: Mastering Go, chess, shogi and Atari without rules

  12. Not new news, but tbh if you have tiktiok, just get rid of it

  13. Some engineering hot takes

  14. Stripe’s payments APIs: the first ten years

  15. The Deep Tech Behind Estimating Food Preparation Time

  16. Understanding API-Based Platforms: A Guide For Product Managers

  17. What Does Big Tech Know About You? Basically Everything.

  18. What Is Automatic App Creation and How Does It Benefit You?

  19. Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering