The Preparation

Build a Resume

  1. Product Manager Resume - Sample and Complete Guide

  2. Google Recruiters Say Using the 'X-Y-Z Formula' on Your Resume Will Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired at Google

  3. How to Write an ATS Resume [8+ Templates Included]

  4. Free high quality resume builder: resumake

  5. 20 ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

  6. How to make your resume stand out and get noticed

  7. Cover Letter Builder

  8. How to rename your resume and why does it matter?

Preparing for interview

  1. StellarPeers: Preparing for Greatness, Together.

  2. Product Management Interview

  3. How to prepare for Product Management interviews?

  4. Pramp: Practive Live Interviews

  5. Perfect PM Interview Practice — Ryan Hill, Founder of APMList

  6. 11 Revealing Product Manager Interview Questions

  7. The Ultimate Product Manager Interview Cheat Sheet

  8. Interview guides

  9. Lewis C. Lin's 2 Week Product Management Interview Preparation Plan (Provided by Decode and Conquer: Answers to PM Interviews)

  10. Cracking the PM interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

  11. Cracking the Product Manager Skills Cheat Sheet

  12. In Product Design or favourite Product question, it is also a good idea to prepare 1/2 products that are not well-known. If you're allowed to pick a product to discuss, it's a good idea to go for one of those - the interviewer has less information about it and it's easier for them to assess your approach as novel. Also, for well-know products, the interviewer has probably head the same ideas from dozens of candidates before, so it's hard for you to stand out.

  13. Answering Product Mindset analysis questions by Shruti Sharma

    1. These are to be prepared for with a framework that shows your priority while using/planning and executing product.

    2. These are also questions to showcase any unique app you have used or some across and a defining feature which makes you a diligent user.

    3. These also showcase your personality to an extent as the interviewer is looking to grill you in case you mention something wrong with an app he/she likes a lot.

  14. Don’t come across rigid to recruiters, they don’t need a reason to hire u but only to reject! - Shruti Sharma

  15. PrepTick

  16. Practical Guide for Product Management Interview Prep

  17. How to crack the PM whiteboard interview (from the other side of the whiteboard)

  18. Product.Careers: Introducing undergraduates and graduates to careers in Product Management

  19. IGotAnOffer

  20. (Really) Cracking The Product Manager Interview by Gokul Nath Sridhar

Where to apply

  1. Premotely: A job listings newsletter for remote Product Managers

  2. Job Cull | One Job, Two Job, Three Job, Cull

  3. Product School

  4. Mind The Product

  5. Product Gym

  6. Associate Product Manager (APM) programs

  7. Breakout List 2019: Great Companies To Apply To

  8. Most Innovative Companies of 2020 by Fast Company

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  10. Covid-19 Effect on India Inc: Who's still hiring?

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  12. Where & How To Find Remote Jobs

  13. Remote.ok

  14. WeWork Remotely

  15. arbeitnow: Find jobs in EU/UK/US

  16. Airtable List


  18. Reach out to these folks on Twitter who are hiring: TOP and LATEST openings

  19. Folks in India can check out these companies who have raised recent funding rounds for openings: Indian Startup Funding & Investment Chart

How to apply

  1. Find the company/product you would like to work for/build (Job portals, LinkedIn, Careers page on their site).

  2. Connect with insiders (Employees, Hiring Manager, or C level folks via LinkedIn or other social forums).

  3. Target hiring manager and avoid HR at all cost.

  4. Prepare as per the job description and try to understand what qualities they are looking for.

  5. Use the product and try to understand their market, business strategy, metrics and if possible have some sample questions worked out.

  6. Know about the interviewer (Going through their profile via LinkedIn and/or other social forums would help).

  7. Lastly remember, interviewer love to hire themselves.